Home Health Marketing Benefits Increase as Internet Usage Among Boomers Grows

Home Health Marketing is becoming increasingly important in reaching potential clients, and the usage of internet search engines to research care options is used by boomers of all ages.

Did you know that between 2000 and 2010 internet usage among the boomer generation (ages 48 – 64) rose from 40% to 74% and from 15% to 42% for those 65 and older?  Did you know that only 5% had broadband at home in 2000, and by 2010 that usage had grown to 64%?  Surprised?  During this same time period, average daily computer use rose from 24% to 69% (Pew).

These increases indicate that both older adults and their boomer children are searching for home health services and over 18,100 Google searches were completed for the phrase “home health services” during the month of February alone.

What are these age groups using the internet for?  Combining both groups, 88% are using the internet as a search engine in general and 78% indicated they are looking up health information.  Did they find you?  When looking deeper into search engine use, 81% are researching products and services, 71% are searching for information, and 70% are making purchases (Pew*).

How about social media?  Together, 45% said that they have used video sharing sites, 39% use social networking sites, and 71% of those 45 and older who use the internet have at least one social media site (AARP**).  Is your company using social media?

The internet has become a must for providers of senior services that are looking to grow as older adults and their adult children are using the internet as a tool to find information and make buying decisions.

Contact us to learn more about Home Health Marketing on the internet.  We may be able to help your company increase its online visibility and better reach those that are searching for the services you offer.



*Raine, Lee. Baby Boomers in the Digital Age. Pew Internet & American Life Project, March 19, 2010, http://www.pewinternet.org/Presentations/2010/Mar/Boomers.aspx, accessed on March 19, 2012.


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